1. Buying the cd at Best Buy with my dad
    I can't remember if there was a pay phone or not
  2. Two of my ex boyfriends in a cover band covering When I come around
    And substituting "how now brown cow" for the chorus. Funny AND guitar players. Story of my life
  3. My older siblings telling my mom there were bad lyrics on this cd
    My mom saying you couldn't understand what they're saying anyway and my brother helpfully pointing out that the lyrics were all written out in the booklet
  4. First kiss at a bonfire
  5. A mean boy in 8th grade saying "she probably doesn't even know who Green Day is"
    I didn't
  6. I never could sing the lyric "masturbation's lost its fun"
    Still can't
  7. I bought this cd to fit in
    Along with Weezer. My entry into popular music. I still hate when anyone puts down anyone for not knowing a band they know. Everyone knows different things
  8. Waiting for the hidden track
    Who's singing?!?
  9. Burning this cd in a Christian bonfire
    Then rebuying it later