Taking advantage of the List App suggestions
  1. A section of Adele's Vogue interview that I sent to one of my artists. Choosing your team members wisely is one of the biggest factors in having a long career. Plus, you'll still see them even when you never see your friends or family, so you should truly like your team and enjoy being with them
  2. I was having lunch with a band's lawyer on Thursday and he tried to cancel because he was sick, so I told him to buy Umcka. I ended up just bringing it to him. This is shocking effective cold treatment. I get mine at Lassend but it is also sold at Sprouts. I just realized this wasn't a screen shot but I'm keeping it because everyone should know
  3. Billboard review of Miya Folick at SXSW. It was a great review and I wanted to tweet it.
  4. A note from the Hood Internet that I sent to Miya at SXSW
  5. Host of NPR's All Songs Considered comments about Miya. This was not intended to be a list solely about one artist but so far it has been
  6. Portion of a long ass article I'm STILL reading from New City about a feud in the Chicago music scene in 1993. I thought this description of Jim Derogatis was amusingly apt so I sent to a friend
  7. I am still on the fence on the Hillary / Bernie face off, but Bernie's tweet slamming Rahm Emmanuel made me start following Bernie on Twitter, just out of appreciation. Rahm has been a horrible mayor