Really looking forward to being a grandma
  1. Dying my hair crazy colors
    I love when grandmas have purple hair. I don't have the guts to do anything now, but for several years, I've been planning to cut my hair really short and switch colors every few months
  2. Wearing crazy grandma clothes
    I'm talking bright colors in crazy patterns and clashing flowy pants and tops
  3. Taking up a new hobby
    I quite admire how G.W.Bush took up painting self portraits in the bathtub. It doesn't matter if they're good!!
  4. Singing in an old timey string band
    I want to live in a small town and perform bluegrass covers at the local coffee shop with my band. I saw someone doing this in Summerland and it's been my dream ever since.
  5. Crossword puzzles
    I don't have time for them now, I'll need them to keep my mind sharp!
  6. Baking
    I don't bake now, but I used to make breads at a coffee shop I worked at and really enjoyed it
  7. Gardening
    I have a legit brown thumb. I'm looking forward to turning that thumb to green!
  8. Becoming a crazy cat lady
    Try to stop me from getting more cats
  9. Casinos
    Playing the penny slots all day!!
  10. Cruises
    I can't wait to go on seniors only cruises. I just realized I'm Seth Cohen
  11. Playing Euchre
    My grandma plays bridge every week with her friends, I should get her to teach me
  12. Quilting
    My mom makes quilts for all of her kids, grandkids and every cousin's baby. I want to keep this tradition going
  13. Travel
    Ill need to catch up on every country on my bucket list
  14. Cross stitching
    I did this as a kid and want to take it up again, but don't have time right now
  15. Archery
    Ok that just popped into my head. Why not?
  16. Really looking forward to retirement!!
    Only 30 more years...