Just like the movie!
  1. We were supposed to get married at 28 if neither of us were married by then
    We're 34. I was married at 28 but I'm not now so it's ok
  2. I did not get them a gift
    There was a quick turnaround on this wedding, and I just realized yesterday that I should have gotten something really meaningful for someone I've been friends with since I was 16.
  3. Do I have to give a toast?!?
    Only one other high school friend will be there. What is appropriate to say?
  4. I did not pack an outfit for tonight
    I'm wearing my Mickey Mouse travel tank . I just found out I'm supposed to go directly to the rehearsal from the airport. Ummmm
  5. Should I mention he was my first crush in high school?
    Before we were friends. Also my high school boyfriend almost broke up with me because I asked my friend to turnabout (boyfriend was out of town.)
  6. I'm not in love with him
    Unlike the movie.
  7. This is one of the longest relationships in my life
    This person was going to drop everything to move me to LA when I left my husband
  8. I'm super happy to be a part of this
  9. Taking off!