Just a regular saturday
  1. JB and I made an elaborate breakfast
    Probably my favorite thing to do on a Saturday is to sleep in, make a big breakfast and relax while drinking coffee, reading, and chatting in the living room. Today's breakfast was banana pancakes, eggs and veggies, cantaloupe and orange juice. We talked about how much we love making big breakfasts on Saturdays. The after breakfast conversation included discussing Nirvanas influence on music and if Pearl Jam has held up
  2. Yoga and then more yoga
    I don't normally yoga on Saturday but was feeling overly stressed from the past month. I went to a 90 minute class then decided to stay for a meditation class. The difference afterwards in how I was feeling from before was like night and day
  3. Writing these lists
    I'm enjoying these writing prompts. I write in my private journal every day but I'm enjoying thinking about about to share things publicly in list form. I'm having fun