1. The downtown DMV has a wayyyy different vibe than the Hollywood DMV
  2. Why did my appointment come at noon?
  3. Been here 40 minutes for a noon appointment
    They're only calling numbers in my category every ten minutes. I have 3 to go. So hopefully they'll call me in 30 minutes
  4. Tried ordering my drivers license online
    Paid for it, it never came
  5. Waited 3 hours at the Hollywood DMV in July before having to leave
    Tried going back and got a new number, waited an hour before giving up
  6. Made an appointment, this was the first available
  7. There has. To be. A. Better. Way
  8. Can I get a new photo please?
  9. When I got my initial California license, the whole process took less than an hour
    What sort of magic was at work then?? Good thing because I was in the midst of panic attacks. My photo shows my distress.
  10. Wait wait. Wait wait.
  11. I want to read my book but I am afraid I'll miss my number!!
  12. My number is next!
  13. Wish me luck!