December 15, 2012
  1. Last night I had a vision
    I took my children to a giant memorial in Washington, D.C. on which were written the names of the victims of gun violence from the past twenty years. I explained to them that we had erected this memorial to honor the fallen angels who had to die before we won the war against guns in our country.
  2. They looked at me incredulously, because the possibility of owning guns wasn't a part of their world
    The way the kids I work with now can't envision a world without cell phones, or how we think its ridiculous that it was ever legal here to own another human being - or even just to smoke indoors.
  3. I'll tell them the memorial is there to remember that these lives were not lost in vain
    But they led the way to outlaw killing machines so we could breath freely, without fear, in a country where our biggest war was not against ourselves.