1. Fandango - 1990
    Given to me while in utero, years before the online movie ticket service. My parents hadn't yet picked a name for me, so when asked they'd claim they were going with "Fandango"
  2. Daniel - 1991
    Some people might claim that this is my actual name, not a nickname. To those nitpickers I say yeah, you're right, but I'm just now realizing I haven't had that many nicknames and I gotta pad the list however I can.
  3. Daniel Bear - 1994
    My mom's nickname for me when I was little, despite the fact that I'm a human, not a bear. Idiot.
  4. Dan - 1997?
    I don't quite remember when my friends started calling me Dan, but it was pretty early in my elementary school career. Not a notable nickname in any way, shape, or form.
  5. "The Cannon" - 2008
    "Wow Dan, that's a really cool and impressive nickname for a nerdy high school cross country runner" you might be thinking. Yeah, it friggin would have been if I had actually been able to get people to call me that. Unfortunately, no one would. This would be my first try at giving myself a nickname, but it wouldn't be my last.
  6. Eagle Eye Hamilton - 2008
    Another one I pushed for in high school. My eyesight isn't that great, but it's 20/20 when I'm wearing glasses. Apparently that's not good enough to qualify for Eagle Eye status. Another failure.
  7. Han Solo - 2009
    Dan Hamilton > Han Damilton > Han Solo. Had nothing to do with whether I did or didn't "shoot first", so stop asking.
  8. Chowderfoot - 2009
    One time in the dining hall, my friend Craig threw an orange at me, because it was a college dining hall and that's what you did. The orange hit my bowl of clam chowder, which landed on my foot. "Oh no, now everyone's gonna call me Chowderfoot!" I yelled. "That's stupid, no we won't" I was told. But I kept pushing and eventually I was right! Score one for the self appointed nickname!
  9. Baseball Dan - 2011
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    Spring break, at Mardi Gras. I found some baseball themed beads on the ground and insisted everyone call me Baseball Dan. For some reason, they did. Shouts out to @crossetter @emmasmith and @clegg for humoring me.