I left out the classics. So knock yourself out adding NYPD Blue -- or even Cagney and Lacey, if you're feeling frisky.
  1. The Wire
    Not just a cop show, obviously, but it would be (sorry) a crime not to include it.
  2. The Shield
  3. True Detective
    Strictly season one, of course.
  4. Broadchurch
    But not the American remake.
  5. Happy Valley
    Stream it on Netflix. Then thank me.
  6. Luther
    With Idris Elba from the Wire!
  7. The Killing
    I continued to like it even after many others turned against it. Last season a bit of a bummer, though.
  8. Dexter
    Remember how, before it went off the rails, the first few seasons were awesome?
  9. Southland
  10. The Fall
    Gillian Anderson!
  11. Hannibal
    Also Gillian Anderson! (Although she is not a cop here.)
  12. Wallander
    Kenneth Branagh plays a moody as hell Swede.
  13. Justified
  14. Inspector Lewis
  15. Homicide: Life on the Streets
    Suggested by @aleem
  16. Prime Suspect
    Helen Mirren stars in this. Need I say more?
    Suggested by @THEToughCookie