1. My mom has started using emojis in her emails
  2. I decided to experiment with doing two hours a day of meditation - and it seems to be sticking (for now).
    Can't promise it will last, but... I have been doing it by carving the sits into manageable chunks of 10, 20, 30, 40 or 60 minutes. Also by foregoing some sleep and TV.
  3. FOMO dramatically diminishes with age.
    (Take heart, @mindy)
  4. I recently turned 44 and I oscillate, psychologically, between feeling 17 and 79.
  5. Example of how I feel 79: I have become the kind of person who feels the need to bring a sweater to restaurants in case I get cold.
  6. Example of how I feel 17: sometimes (every time) when I eat a lot of sugar after dinner, I get all silly, make up unrepeatable jokes to annoy my wife, and then laugh myself to sleep.
  7. Example of 79/17 combo... 79: I actually read Buddhist texts sometimes. 17: When I come across words for negative mental states such as "cankers" and "taints," I giggle.
  8. Turns out, changing diapers isn't that bad.
    When it's your kid.
  9. Turns out, dreaming up lists makes workouts to faster.
  10. Turns out, Mickey Mouse really does have some strange hold over kids. I would give everything I have to get my son to gaze at me with a fraction of the intensity and adoration Mickey (seen here as a Jedi) inspires.
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