1. 345a: alarm goes off; spaz out.
  2. 346a: involuntarily think to myself: "Why am I doing this again?"
  3. Stretch.
  4. Make a smoothie. (Usual recipe: raw cashews, bananas, dates, ice, almond milk. You should try it!)
  5. Read a ton of newspapers online while consuming the aforementioned smoothie.
  6. Push one or another of the cats off my computer keyboard, where they like to plop down whenever I am clearly busy.
  7. Perform the ablutions.
  8. Get dressed. (Outfit having been picked out by me - and approved my by wife who, unlike her husband, is not aesthetically dyslexic - the night before.)
  9. 445: take car to studio. Email with producers about stories.
  10. 450: arrive. Any misgivings about this insane schedule evaporate as I engage in rigorous rounds of smack-talking with colleagues, most especially my female cohosts, Paula and Sara, seen here after that time they stole my phone.
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  11. 515: staff meeting. Time for actual work. We discuss which stories we're doing, how we're framing them, and the order in which we're presenting them.
  12. 520: writing. Sit at computer and write my lead-ins to the stories, and prep questions for guests. (I've usually done some of this work the night before.)
  13. 550: allow a team of professionals to apply an unreasonable amount of makeup to my face.
  14. 6: shoot promos for affiliates across the country. (This could be repetitive and annoying, but I've found it to be a good way to warm up and make sure I don't look so damn tired.)
  15. 655: the five cohosts, who have all become really good friends, convene at the set. Trash talking escalates. I actually miss these people during the week.
  16. 7: we go live. I try to drop all the prep and focus on - sorry to drop an annoying cliche - being right here and present. (Meditation has been super helpful for this.) Love my job.