Just spent the last week in Greece, Serbia, Hungary, and Austria for ABC News.
  1. Entire families crammed into rickety boats, making the dangerous crossing from Turkey to Greece, where whole beaches are littered with discarded life jackets and deflated dinghies.
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  2. Refugees brawling as they struggle to board a ferry to the Greek mainland.
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  3. So many high end tourists on the Greek islands that were also crawling with refugees. Bizarre contrast. This is a cat I met at a fish taverna in Lesbos.
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  4. We followed 11 young Syrians making the 2,500 mile trek. These are thoroughly modern migrants. They're constantly on Facebook, taking selfies, etc.
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  5. My cameraman/producer fell asleep on a train. Some nights, we got zero sleep.
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  6. I came home and was greeted by this dude. Through sheer accident of birth, his life will be, I hope, much easier.
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