Superdrag was one of my favorite bands in the 90s. No one else I knew liked them, and this was before the Internet, so I couldn't find fellow fans that way. (I've always been too lazy to go to actual shows.) They put out 4 albums, 2 EPs, then broke up. Come with me down the rabbit hole of 90s indie arcana...
  1. Sucked Out
    This was their one legit hit. You will like it immediately. If not, we cannot be friends.
  2. I'm Expanding My Mind
    After that one hit, the label was pressuring the guys to come up with a bunch of new, commercially viable tracks. So Superdrag made the elegantly self-destructive, punk rock move of recording a gorgeous album with almost no commercial potential, called Head Trip in Every Key. Their label later dropped them. This is the first song off that album - which is now regarded in some circles as a lost masterpiece. (I know this because I now have the Internet.)
  3. Amphetamine
    This is exactly the kind of experimental – but still catchy! – song that I suspect provoked the label to much disappointment and anger.
  4. Hellbent
    From the same record. Never understood why this wasn't a hit. Incidentally, I practiced playing the drums to this song for years. I still suck.
  5. Bright Pavillions
    After Head Trip, Superdrag made a follow up, In the Valley of Dying Stars, that didn't make a huge splash, but included a couple of great songs, especially this one. You can hear in the vertiginous guitars on this track the seeds of the current shoegaze-inspired band, the Lees of Memory, that some of the former members recently formed.
  6. Lighting the Way
    Also from In the Valley of Dying stars. Just the kind of power pop banger that makes this band one I return to so often. After this record, they made one more (mostly a miss, with the exception of a few beery, twangy chestnuts), and broke up. The lead singer, a dedicated substance abuser, hit bottom, then became a born again Christian. (They regrouped for a new record in 2012, at which point I actually got to meet them!