By "best" we mean most bizarre, yes?
  1. Starting with most recent, here is one of my bathed dog circa 2014. #DrownedRat
  2. Next we have a Father's Day throw back that features my brother, my dad and myself forming a band.
  3. As we go further back on my timeline we have a picture from our spontaneous wedding in 2013 where we both wanted the flowers!
  4. This gem is from the Christmas Matt got me my R2D2 lunch kit! AKA the best gift ever.
  5. Here we see me demonstrating one of my "effortless talents" as the caption on the photo puts it. But the look of concentration on my face says otherwise.
  6. This is from Halloween 2009, when no one knew I was supposed to be Velma, from Scooby Doo.
  7. I found this background on a Canada day walk with my family in 2009, and was thrilled with the caption possibilities.
  8. This is Halloween 2008 when I was supposed to be Holly Golightly and my brother was a whoopee cushion.
  9. One time my adult best friend and my adult self decided to make a box fort. Then I decided to make it my profile picture.
  10. Here we see the first of many photos displaying reverence for inanimate objects. My bestie and I only get more random as we go further back on my Facebook timeline. This is spring 2008
  11. In the summer of 2007 we had extreme love for flip flops.
  12. The spring of 2007 marked my most gangster phase. As you can see from my gangster pose.
  13. This last picture here is one of the first profile pictures I ever had on Facebook, and is actually one of the best. This was taken early 2007 on one of MANY young adult sleepovers this lady and I had. I ❤️ my BFF.