In order from best to slightly less best.
  1. 1st Black Olives: My favourite snack. My favourite finger food. Nice feature that they can actually be stuck right onto fingertips. Love to share with my niece. Good for family bonding. Also make satisfying "pop" noise when eaten properly.
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  2. 2nd Mushroom Soup: Good for lazy supper. Delicious with dill and black pepper. Comfort food. Love the added challenge of chunks of mushrooms in my liquid.
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  3. 3rd Pineapple Chunks: This is truly a triple threat! Good on its own, good on pizza, PLUS you get to drink the juice at the end.
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  4. 4th Disney Princess Pasta: Delicious. Tastes like childhood. Shaped like princesses. Does canned pasta get any more on fleek?
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  5. 5th Baby Corn: Admit it, eating tiny foods makes it easier to pretend you're a mythical giant. Who doesn't love that?!
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