1. June said she's happy I'm using her things because I'm sending them good energy and good vibes and she's excited to use them after me
  2. Morgan said "I'm starting to think you're a narc you're like 30 years older" about Zane taking about Instagram
  3. Gabby told my sister that my Instagram gives her inspiration but she doesn't want to freak me out
  4. "You guys used to go to concerts and curl your hair together" - David remembering something very specific about a girl I was friends with in middle school
  5. Taryn said I am great and I need someone that challenges me
  6. Megan said "I don't think I've been inspired by a peer as much as by you"
  7. Cass said "That's what you get being friends with dani" when Lillie said Stuck in Love was happy but made her feel sad
  8. Marty said I would've killed it being a hippie, I missed the hippie generation by a little. I would've been so happy staring at the sky
  9. Ashley told me I attract good vibes and good people and you get what you put into the universe