What is a lollipop moment? Small moments with strangers that have affected my life that I still think about all the time today. http://www.ted.com/talks/drew_dudley_everyday_leadership?language=en
  1. Guy at airport
    It was 5am at the airport & my sister and I handed out tickets and IDs to the guy at the beginning of security. He could've been grumpy or just whatever, but instead he asked us our age & asked if we were twins- both times we answered in unison. He told us we had to stop that- it was freaking him out. He said "fake" when looking at our 18 y/o IDs and was just in the best spirits, we couldn't stop smiling at the warmth and kindness that he shared with us. Years later and I'll never forget him.
  2. Resident at wisdom teeth appointment
    I had been watching Scrubs that summer so the resident who helped me reminded me of J.D. and it was the best. I was just in the best mood after my consultation and couldn't stop smiling. After the surgery, I was really out of it and he asked how I was and I tried to talk but couldn't speak with gauze in my mouth so he gave me his phone opened to his notepad and I wrote something along the lines of "You're the best thanks so much for being awesome you remind me of J.D. from Scrubs I love you."
  3. Guy in Arlington T Station on Halloween 2013
    We were dressed as Beanie Babies. This really nice guy wasn't hitting on us, just making conversation which made us feel like regular people; not just pieces of meat. He asked us about beanie babies and how they were supposed to be worth millions. He asked if we were meeting people and to be careful (which was a bit chivalrous/patriarchal looking back on it now, but at the moment it just seemed kind and caring from a nice stranger).
  4. Twin at Yankee game
    Jessie compared me to Derek Jeter because he had been on the Yankees his whole career while other players have come and gone, which was just like me at the cinema where I worked... Quite the compliment
  5. Guy playing music at Back Bay station
    Lillie and I went to a concert in Providence and had to take Amtrak back because the commuter rail was closed already since it was late. We got to Back Bay and -just- missed the T and had to wait fifteen minutes which we weren't super excited about. But then this guy and started playing music - Santeria, My Girl, and something else, and made it so great. We sang and danced along with him and ended up feeling grateful that we had missed the T.