This turned out to just be funny things that have happened between us? I love her though. I love her and I like her.
  1. She's a pharmacist. I'm a wannabe pharmacist.
    We used to play this super lame game when I was first hired as a pharmacy technician called "What would you diagnose them with?" I would always point out really unhappy older men and say "Cialis!" and then she would pity laugh.
  2. One time we went shoe shopping.
    She kept pointing out really functional (read: heinous) shoes and saying "these are *cah-yoot*!" Finally I turned to her and sighed then said "MOM! You need a fashion education!" She said "that's what I have you for!"
  3. She gave me a pep talk once during finals when I was feeling super overwhelmed with all of my classes.
    She said she got nervous so she just started quoting The Help so she messed up the "you is kind, you is smart, you ain't an asshole." It just made me laugh though so it did the trick.
  4. When I was applying for a research position, I relied on her A LOT.
    During this time however she also discovered emojis. She kept sending me all science and vaguely academic related emojis. It was so fucking annoying.
  5. Long story short, one time my Mac died right before a huge midterm. One of my friends drove me to an Apple Store so I could get it fixed.
    My mom said she was "totally indebted" them for helping me when I needed it. To thank them, she told me to take them to dinner "but not steak. Like a pizza place." I took my friend to a steak dinner and when she got the statement on her credit card, she called me and asked me why I couldn't follow simple directions.
  6. She wants me to stay close when I go to pharmacy school but she refuses to say it.
    She wants me to go wherever I'll be happy but she will be happiest if I stay within a day's drive. She drops hints but always ends our conversations with "but your happiness is important!"
  7. She's willing to put her professional relationships on the line. For me.
    The first time this happened is when she asked someone to give me a letter of recommendation for a pharmacy job. She loves me, but more importantly she trusts me.
  8. She called me when the dog on Downton Abbey died and I had to coach her through it.
    I get her hooked on television shows when I'm home and then don't keep up with them when I go to school. She then gets mad at me because I don't know what's happening. Shows include Glee, Downton Abbey, Vampire Diaries (and thus, The Originals), and American Horror Story.
  9. I push her out of her comfort zone.
    I love trying new foods too much. She grew up in a lower-class home in Southern Ohio, and as such, wasn't able to travel too much. She said her heart stopped when I told her I was accepted to study in India and she cried when I came home safe.