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  1. Talus
    Articulates with both the tibia and fibula to form your ankle.
  2. Calcaneus
    Inferior to the talus, this is your heel bone and it looks pretty rad.
  3. Navicular
    Distal to the calcaneus, it doesn't really do much. It kind of looks like a navy ship if you use your imagination.
  4. Medial cuneiform
    Situated proximal to your big toe, it is the best cuneiform.
  5. Intermediate cuneiform
  6. Lateral cuneiform
  7. Phalanges
    These are basically your toes but they share the name with the names of your fingers so they aren't that cool.
  8. Metatarsals
    Between your tarsals and phalanges I guess they're cool but not cool enough to each be individually named (they are numbered, starting from the big toe).
  9. Cuboid
    This bone is so lame. It barely even looks like a cube.