In a very particular order.
  1. Yale University
    In my alumni interview, I went to an old man's house and talked to him about my love of chemistry and physics. He ended it with "hopefully we get a local in there this year! *white man chuckle*" Verdict: denied
  2. Duke University
    I was really in to the research triangle. I don't even remember why I wanted to go here. Verdict: denied
  3. Johns Hopkins University
    I fucking love Johns Hopkins to this day. I visited the campus and fell in love with it. Baltimore wasn't my scene, but I cried when I wasn't accepted here. I lament the fact that I applied as a BME undergrad because I still feel like I could have gotten in as a different major. No hard feelings... Verdict: denied
  4. New York University
    The first time I truly knew what it was like to fall in love with a city. I haven't been back since I visited and I wonder what it'll be like when I do. I didn't come here because I would have been in debt for the rest of my life. I always wonder what it would have been like to go. Verdict: accepted
  5. Haverford College
    Small liberal arts college in Philadelphia. They visited my high school and talked a lot about their stem cell research program. I was hooked. I did their application essay the night it was due and also didn't really express any interest to them. Verdict: denied
  6. Ohio State University--Columbus ✨
    My current alma mater. I went here (initially) because of financial reasons. Now that I'm here, I love everything about it. I could talk to you for days (and have even made a list) about why I love large state schools but if you want to know, ask! Verdict: accepted
  7. Miami University--Oxford
    I applied here because the girl I was married to on Facebook (it was weird being a young gay in the Midwest) told me she wouldn't talk to me if I didn't at least apply. Verdict: accepted
  8. University of Dayton
    I applied here without any intention of going. I got out of a day of high school to visit. I wanted to see how much scholarship money they would give me. Answer: a lot, but not enough for me to go to a catholic school. Verdict: accepted