If you ever have a long layover (because why else would you be in Columbus, OH unless you're being punished), these are places I love to spend money
  1. Northstar Café
    Described as New American cuisine, whatever that means. It's always yummy (and a tad expensive which means I normally only get it when my mom comes) and it's also locally sourced. If people from OH know one thing, it's how to raise cows.
  2. Katalina's
    Pretty sure this place defines "dive" but it's the best place to go during the summer. They sell the best tacos, sandwiches, but are known for their pancake balls (self explanatory, can be filled with Nutella, apple, or chocolate). It's also located in Victorian Village which means the houses are cute and the puppies are cuter.
  3. Marcella's Ristorante
    Classy Italian food. Whenever people ask me where they can get dinner in Columbus and be dressed up and not look out of place, this is where I tell them. This place is also on this list because they never card me ☺️
  4. Pistacia Vera
    The main/only thing to talk about at this place is the macaroons. I've had macaroons from La Durée, and not only are these macaroons just as good, they are also much cheaper! It's also located in the same neighborhood that my fave Art History professor lives and he and his husband just adopted the cutest little girl so I always come here hoping to run into them.
  5. Jeni's Splended Ice Creams
    Literally redefined ice cream for me. They have flavors such as "Toasted Brioche with Butter and Apricot Jam" and "Lemon Buttermilk Tart Frozen Yogurt." During the summer the line is out the door but the wait is definitely worth it. This place has been known to save a failing date (because ice cream can solve everything).