1. I got an industrial piercing!
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    It lasted ~2 months before I decided sleeping on that side of my head was more important to me.
  2. I got a cartilage piercing!
    This one still remains because 1) it healed faster and 2) I think it makes me kind of edgy??
  3. I convinced myself to get a septum piercing--only for my boss to talk me out of it.
    It was for the best tbh.
  4. I grew my hair out.
    The goal was a man bun. I last got it cut on December 5th. I just confirmed my appointment to chop it all off.
  5. I had a one night stand.
    Halfway through I realized it wasn't for me and pulled the ole "my-roommate-is-locked-out-and-I-have-the-only-key" spiel and walked home at 3am in just a sweatshirt and sweatpants.
  6. I downloaded Tinder.
    First as a joke with one my roommates (to see who got more matches) and then I started relying on it too much so I deleted it and haven't downloaded it since.
  7. I *almost* ruined long-lasting friendships because, after I was invited to my ex's birthday party, nobody would go to it with me.
    This was my "glass cracking" moment and I haven't thought about him in the same way sense!