1. As a little kid I was absolutely obsessed with stuffed animals.
  2. The ones that came with happy meals, Beanie Babies (very much into the early 2000s), ones from fairs, etc.
  3. As I grew up though, I lost interest.
    As kids do.
  4. For some reason, I wouldn't let my mom throw them away...
  5. ....so they were relegated to a wire laundry basket in the attic.
  6. This wasn't traumatizing for me, and as I entered high school I totally forgot they were there.
  7. When my mom was cleaning one weekend, she decided she was going to sort through the basket and get rid of most of them.
  8. In order to do this, she dumped the entire basket onto her bed.
  9. And along with all of the stuffed animals...
  10. ...out came a dead bird.
  11. Two theories:
  12. 1. The stuffed animals, having become jaded and hardened after years in their prison, saw their chance to grab my attention and plucked a bird from the air and slowly suffocated it.
  13. 2. The bird fell in and was unable to get out.
  14. Who knew what I had once loved so deeply could have such a dark side?
  15. Isn't that gross?