Taking a page out of @tia 's book
  1. Word to type:
  2. Color
    Orange. Either ignite a flame within me like red or calm me down like yellow, but not this middle of the lane shit where I just feel like a pumpkin.
  3. Judge on Chopped:
    Geoffrey Zakarian
  4. Song on 1989:
    Shake It Off
  5. Math Subject:
    Three variable calculus
  6. Time of Day:
    10:00am, since I barely ever eat more than coffee for breakfast, I'm hungry by this time but it's too early for lunch (unless it's Friday through Sunday because then brunch is a MUST)
  7. Thing about living in Columbus
    Everything here is pretty much familiar so there's not that much excitement about finding a new restaurant etc because I've pretty much tried them all or 10 friends have told me reviews about them.