I think about this more than any reasonable 20 year old should.
  1. A picture of Zachary Quinto.
    One time someone told me I look like Zachary Quinto, but only from season 2 of American Horror Story when he was a serial killer.
  2. A picture of the bike that was stolen from me in 4th grade.
    It will ultimately contribute more to society than I will so basically cut your losses.
  3. A picture of a cuter person.
    Trade up when you have the chance, mom and dad.
  4. A picture of a puppy.
    People will probably be devastated when they hear I've been kidnapped or murdered so a cute puppy should make them marginally happier.
  5. A picture of @sarah
    If I ever go missing, people should know who to hold accountable and it's probably her.