1. Tessalon Perles
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    A different kind of pearl necklace.
  2. Ferrous Sulfate
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    So smooth! I think you can get this without a prescription but it's so easy to count this list would be incomplete without it.
  3. Macrobid
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    That color scheme is 💯✨
  4. Trazadone 150mg
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    Such a unique shape in terms of pharmaceuticals. People hate it though because it gets caught in the throat really easily
  5. Cialis
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    Good color. It's got a little waist and a fat ass. Slay girl, yes.
  6. Xarelto
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    It feels like an alien compared to other drugs. So otherworldly. I think I hate myself for this??
  7. Diphenhydramine
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    Suggested by @TT