I could spend days watching videos from Def Poetry Jam if real life wouldn't get in the way so much.
  1. 'Hands' - Sarah Kay
    I don't remember the first time I watched Sarah Kay perform this piece, but I do remember watching it once a week all throughout high school. I feel like it speaks to the importance of the little moments in life, the things that get lost in our quest for something bigger. I also love her hair. http://bit.ly/1Cgm1Mg
  2. '40 Emcees' - Amanda Diva
    My first introduction to Amanda Diva (now Amanda Seales) was on those VH1 clip shows (Best Week Ever, etc.). I love this poem because it was my first introduction into the importance of passion. I feel like the American education system puts too much importance on what you are "good at" instead of what gets you out of bed in the morning. This piece made me realize that fallacy for the first time. http://bit.ly/1BCXCCE
  3. 'Shake the Dust' - Anis Mojgani
    Anything I could say about this won't do it justice so just watch it. http://bit.ly/1Cgm22C
  4. 'I Wanna Hear a Poem' - Steve Colman
    I watched this for the first time in my English class my junior year of high school. I think before watching this I had a really weird relationship with poetry. It was always just something we learned about in English classes but never something that moved me, or made me think. Watching this video changed the way I read poetry. It was no longer words on paper, but ideas meant to excite or make you think. http://bit.ly/1BCXCCN