1. Not that many pillow fights.
    I've been sorely mislead by the liberal media. Thanks Obama :(
  2. The walls are not bathed in blood when they're on their periods.
    Only slightly less pleasant for the one week.
  3. No cabinet full of tampons.
    Don't they need 100 tampons per period??? What is this madness.
  4. We don't even own a sewing machine.
    How else do they make their clothing? I'm so confused.
  5. No fresh lemonade waiting for me to get home from class.
    I'm not their only priority, which is surprising considering I'm a white male and they are yet lowly white women.
  6. They like beer more than I do.
    They will all consume beer at a surprise rate while I'm like "clear liquors only please!"
  7. They don't own pink clothing.
    They all wear only black, white and sometimes gray. Everything I have learned about women until this point has been proven false.
  8. They have their own professional aspirations.
    Even though they all have boyfriends they also all want to have a meaningful career. They don't live for their man.
  9. They could probably beat me up.
  10. I love them more than I'll love any man.