Just tryna be like the cool older kids
  1. My roommate fell down the steps and I made sure she was okay before taking this picture and almost vomiting from laughter.
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  2. My other roommate turned 21 and they made her do a keg stand and she was blacked out so she couldn't/didn't refuse. She thought the pics were funny the next morning so it's all gucci.
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  3. The architecture building as OSU and the love of my life because I study here and one time a boy asked to fuck me on the roof but I'm a princess so I said no.
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  4. I got high and went to the zoo. My snapchat story was 5 minutes long.
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  5. I hang out the bathroom a lot at parties because it's quieter and basically the only place to sit that doesn't have any semen on it. As such, I take many mirror selfies.
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  6. Exhibit B
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