1. Moving is hard.
  2. I actually would mind if I didn't have flooring.
  3. Babies don't grow into toddlers in 3 days.
  4. Can't actually be a werewolf.
  5. High fives aren't a "thing" anymore?
  6. Rosebud doesn't work in real life.
  7. Starting a business is hard.
  8. Fucking a professor won't actually raise your gpa.
  9. Not as simple knowing who your real friends are.
  10. Outfits don't come in pant/shoe combinations.
  11. Life doesn't stop when you leave the house.
    This is lowkey super philosophical, you're welcome list app!
  12. No one has a red diamond above their head when they're mad
    Suggested by @cschweitz
  13. It's not cool to own a heart shaped bed
    Suggested by @cschweitz
  14. No "motherlode" cheat to pad your bank account.
    Suggested by @jfout