1. Lick the sidewalk
    Dirty but I've put a penis in my mouth for free so 💁
  2. Proofread your novel
    I don't fancy myself a writer, and I'm not much for grammar n such, but I would totally want to read it and probably restructure the beginning and tell you to make it more personal and other generic advice.
  3. Watch 'Miracle' again
    My parents took me to see this movie when I was 10 and the only memories I have from the experience is checking my dad's watch and asking how much longer the movie would be.
  4. Wear a football helmet while driving
    It would be embarrassing but worth the money if someone else would check my blindspots.
  5. Go through high school again
    It wasn't the worst time of my life. But I like where I'm at personally so much more now and the independence is 💯💯.
  6. Eat a tomato avocado salad
    Two of my least favorite food items. When I lived with a French family, I was so stressed out about the entire situation that I lost my appetite so I wasn't eating much. I got the impression my host mom was getting confused so one day for lunch I ate an entire raw tomato to appease her. It makes my stomach churn just thinking about it.
  7. Wear flip flops ANYWHERE but the shower in my dorm
    Athlete's foot ain't no joke but you will be if I see you in these on the boardwalk/anywhere else in this world