Thanks for the great idea @sophia ! ! !
  1. No exams! 🙌🙌
    People say college is a marathon not a sprint, but sometimes it feels like a marathon at a sprint pace.
  2. I'll get to catch up on Netflix.
    Looking at you House of Cards
  3. I'm getting drinks with friends from Paris!
    Most of the people I studied abroad with the summer after my freshman year have since graduated and gone on to real people jobs but for one night only they'll be free for meeeee
  4. Scheduling my PCAT.
    Basically the SAT/ACT for pharmacy school, but much more focused. I'm excited and nervous but much more nervous than excited.
  5. Shadowing!
    I'll get to shadow a clinical pharmacist for one morning and I'm so excited to pick her brain! I haven't had much experience with clinical pharmacy so I'm hoping this will help me learn whether I love or hate it.
  6. Skyping @sarah
    Wanna skype?