1. Wearing a watch
    My dad always wore a watch when I was growing up (he still wears it) and it always gave him the worst tan lines during the summer but he still insisted on wearing it. This summer I bought a watch and it took forever for it to feel natural but now that it finally does I feel like 5 years older or something. Added years if I check it before my phone when someone asks me for the time.
  2. Drinking coffee
    Neither of my parents drank coffee but my grandpa and grandma would always drink coffee after we had dinner together. I started drinking coffee last year and now I could never go back. ☕️😍
  3. Making a grocery list
    Now instead of going to the grocery store and forgetting what I actually need and instead buying only ice cream and doughnuts I buy actual food, which is bizarre.
  4. Watching Mad Men
    Don Draper turned me from a boy into a man I can give credit where credit is due.