1. One time a vet prescribed a young couple's chihuahua Xanax so they could clip it's nails. They thought it was as ridiculous as we did.
  2. In OH you have to present a form of identification (driver's license) in order to buy products containing pseudoephedrine because it can be used to make crystal meth. A lady didn't have her driver's license so we couldn't sell her any. She told us she was going to write a letter to the DEA.
  3. A little girl came in with her mom sobbing because she didn't want to be there. She looked me dead in the eyes and screamed "IM NEVER COMING BACK HERE AGAIN!"
  4. Every time someone yells at my boss on the phone.
    One time she got called a "fucking bitch." We laughed about it for the rest of the day.
  5. A little kid (~5-6) wasn't paying attention while walking through the store. He walked right into a pole in front of the pharmacy and then asked for some Percocet to "soothe the pain."
  6. When we were super busy, the bakery brought a tray of donuts to keep the costumers happy. A large population of the patients we serve are diabetic. They could only stare at them.
  7. Around the holiday season, a kid once DESTROYED a display in front of the pharmacy. I picked up the phone and said "Santa? Another for the naughty list." The kid started to cry but my boss didn't make me apologize which was 💯💯
  8. Occasionally telling people "good luck!" as I dispense their antibiotics.