1. When I told a patient the price of her prescriptions and you could see her become lighter and say "I won't have to choose between this and food tonight."
  2. When the woman first told me the story of how her son donated his kidney to her.
  3. When the old woman told me she didn't need her husband's prescriptions on auto refill anymore because he had recently passed away.
  4. When the old man called in to cancel his wife's prescriptions because she had recently passed and he got really quiet and said "I don't know how to live without her."
  5. When people pick up prescriptions and ask "which ones do I need the most" because it's all they'll be able to afford until their next paycheck.
  6. When the woman who picked up prenatal vitamins every month stopped showing up. She had a miscarriage.
  7. When the woman with Parkinson's wrote us a note saying how kind and patient we had been with her as she navigated life after her diagnosis.
  8. When my coworker said there is a little girl who sings 'Let It Go' "as good if not better than Idina Menzel."
  9. When we got robbed. The man asked for Oxycodone 15 and 30. After he was caught, we learned he wasn't even a dealer, but a former fire fighter who became addicted to prescription pain pills after a surgery he had. He confessed when he was brought in for questioning.
  10. When I asked an old man to sign two slips of paper, indicating that he had picked up his prescriptions, and he could only sign the first with a scribble because his chemo treatments had exhausted him.