1. My first pair of Sperry's ever
    Junior year of high school I spent two weeks in France, traveling the countryside in a charter bus. I saw Paris, Monet's house and a lot of wine. I spent a week with a French host family. These shoes lasted until the end of that summer. I think I still have them, which is weird considering they're garbage now.
  2. Urban Outfitters/Target knockoff Keds.
    One pair olive, the other light blue. The olive ones got thrown away after a dip Indian Ocean. I was studying abroad in India (public health, so cool). I came away with a major appreciation of, well, everything.
  3. Clarks desert boots
    When I visited @sarah in her stomping ground of Edinburgh, Scotland! It was on my way home from India and she was a wonderful host. I want to go back but I'm poor.
  4. My second pair of Sperry's
    When I went back to Paris in college to study Art History, these were my go to shoes. These are the shoes that a pair of Mormon missionaries said made me stick out as an American (as though they were experts on blending in themselves?).
  5. Birkenstocks/Clarks/Sperry's
    Park City, Utah. Such a cute mountain town, but it has made me loathe how much I have been slacking on my athletics for the past 3 years.