1. When it's nice outside and people tell me to "try to enjoy it"
    I'd be enjoying it if I didn't have any bills and your ancient husband didn't need any expensive pills to make his boner work lil mama :)
  2. When people don't know the name of the drug they need to get refilled.
    Sometimes their life LITERALLY depends on this information. It's so much simpler if you know the name of the drug.
  3. When people drop off a prescription and get mad when there's any wait.
    If you have a crying child, we'll rush it, but regardless filling a prescription is a process and you aren't the only person who has dropped off a prescription today.
  4. Seems likes you guys are busy today!
  5. When people want us to resolve every problem for them.
    Sometimes your insurance company only wants to talk to you. Yes we got that coupon for you the first time but it's online and we can't get it for you again. Use the Internet and get it yourself.
  6. (During the winter) (Picking up at the walk up window that's outside) Could you try to hurry??
    Sweetheart, I am now going to take my time. You could easily have come inside where's it's heated and there's two people releasing prescriptions.
  7. Why is my copay so high?
    I don't know how your insurance works. I also can't even begin to describe to you the money that goes into developing a drug through the entire process in order for it to hit the market.