Requested by @sarah
Considering I go to one of the largest universities in America, I've seen some wild stuff.
  1. Falling girl
    I once saw a girl standing on a roof at a party fall off the roof into a bush and then get up and return to the party.
  2. Sad girl
    At a party this girl I barely know got her foot stepped on and it tore her big toe toenail off. While that is tragic she then pulled me aside and sobbed to me that her boyfriend was going to break up with her.
  3. Vomit couch
    This person passed out on a couch and vomited on it. The couch was on a balcony and the people who lived in the apartment decided to throw the couch off the balcony. There were people on the lawn.
  4. Fire couch/dumpster
    I've never seen something lit on fire but I've seen a lot of things on fire that should not be on fire.
  5. Straight people
    Straight men to be particular. They dress poorly and no I don't want to talk about football or the girl you're (not) going to take home tonight.
  6. My roommate's boyfriend
    He once blacked out and cornered me in a bathroom but I didn't know what he wanted so I pretended to faint (play dead) until he left and then I walked home alone.