Any Tips for Someone Suffering From Seasonal Allergies?

I have horrible allergies, basically I'm allergic to everything. Dogs, cats, feathers, grass, palm trees, you name it and I'm allergic to it.
  1. My allergies have been acting up like crazy lately and my allergy meds don't give me any relief. Do you guys do anything to feel better? Homeopathic? Medicine? I'm desperate.
  2. Try switching up your meds.
    I find if I use the same brand for too long it stops working as well. I usually cycle between generic versions of Benadryl, Claritin, and Allegra. Just make sure the active ingredient is different when you switch.
    Suggested by   @JenniferVazquez
  3. More frequent vacuuming and or sweeping could help. Or an air purifier? That might be pricey though.
    Suggested by   @daniellesmale
  4. I recently switched to a med with active ingredient levocetirizene. I'm not sure what brand name it will be sold under where you are! But so far it works well for me.
    Disclaimer: this does not replace your regular doctor's advice, etc etc. 😊
    Suggested by   @barefootmeds