Give me your recommendations 🎶
  1. I'm God - Clams Casino
  2. Tomorrow - Daughter
    Depressing but good
  3. "Somebody" - jungle pussy
    Off of her new album "pregnant with success" that came out last month. Currently on repeat.
    Suggested by @ijeoma
  4. Sugar feat. Francesco Yates - Robin Schultz
    Great update to 2003 Suga Suga. I've been listening to it allll day🎶
    Suggested by @LizDawson
  5. Wasting My Young Years - London Grammar
    Depressing but good. Because you liked Daughter.
    Suggested by @barrierjunkies
  6. I Need My Girl - The National
    Pretty much all of The National.
    Suggested by @barrierjunkies
  7. Strange Enough - Vérité
    Make me stop! So many ideas! Agh. Okay last one.
    Suggested by @barrierjunkies
  8. Diamonds by Johnny Swim
    Suggested by @kate81