How I Hope to Spend My 22nd Birthday

I've been dreaming about this for years, because people singing happy birthday to me makes me cringe. I get so embarrassed! Am I a bad person?
  1. In Paris
    Time differences will be my friend
  2. By myself
    I am never bored when I'm alone, my imagination is always there as my companion. I don't ever feel as if I'm truly alone.
  3. Go to local boulangerie, buy a baguette, chausson aux pommes, and some coffee.
    Sit outside and people watch while eating said breakfast.
  4. Head home, change, and go for a run.
  5. Turn off my phone & take a shower
  6. Head out again, go to the Eiffel Tower (yeah I'm cheesy)
  7. Spend the rest of the day wandering around the city & exploring
  8. Shop, buy some macaroons & other desserts.
  9. Mentally sing Happy Birthday to myself while eating desserts.
  10. Find somewhere to sit down & write
    For a long time. Write down how my day was, or other stories.
  11. Head home, turn on phone and talk to mom & dad
  12. "How was your day?" "Oh it was fantastic" "what did you do?" "I don't really know" "so then how was it fantastic?" "It just was"
  13. For me, there's a fine line between introvert and loner
    What can ya do