1. "I don't care"
    I do.
  2. "I'm fine"
    I have crippling anxiety with a side of depression.
  3. "I don't mind"
    Bitch, I do mind.
  4. "I'm not hungry"
    I am!!! But I'm on a diet.
  5. "I love working out!"
    I say this so much I am starting to believe it.
  6. "I love being single!"
    50/50 on this one, depending on the day.
  7. "I'm not lonely, I love being alone"
    Technically this is half a lie, I do like being alone. But man it gets lonely after a while..
  8. "I can't, I'm busy"
    Yeah busy watching tv & sleeping
  9. "NO I don't care that he cheated on me with a girl he met at Whole Foods! I'm over that!"