Men Who Give ME Ladyboners

I made this list so I could stare at it 👀
  1. Chris Messina
    I should really be illegal to be that hot. Ex: 28 hotel rooms, anyone? Also thank you to goddess @mindy for bringing this gorgeous man into my life.
  2. Mark Ruffalo
    I just love him so much.
  3. Tom Hardy
    No explanation necessary to anyone with eyes
  4. Jason Momoa
    My sun and stars
  5. Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Chris Pratt & Chris Pine
    Lots of Chris's on this list
  6. Bradley Cooper
    SO bae
  7. Shemar Moore
    Look. At. Him.
  8. Jesse Williams
    Thank you Shonda 🙏🏼
  9. Theo James
    Before Divergent I fell in love with his good looks in Underworld 💉
  10. Matt Bomer
    Those eyes tho.