My Best Friend and I Drifted Apart

  1. I feel like no one really tells you just how painful it can be to lose a friend, or at least to slowly lose them without even realizing it. Until one day you just come to your senses and think wtf is happening.
  2. My best friend is no longer my "best friend" and she hasn't been for a while
  3. We've known each other for almost 10 years
  4. And she has been the person I go to for everything for the last 10 years, she was such an important aspect of my life.
    The "was" kills me. Because she really isn't anymore.
  5. This past year, we have slowly gone our separate ways. There was no fight, no drama, we just slowly stopped talking
  6. She stopped being the person I would tell everything to the moment something interesting happened.
  7. And she stopped telling me things too
  8. I feel like we are just at different places in our lives, and somehow that has gotten in the way of our friendship
  9. She's met new people and so have I.
  10. I realized it today for the first time by finding out that she had been accepted to her dream school...through Facebook.
    Something that she has been talking about since we were 15
  11. This being such an important moment in her life and she didn't tell me, and while I want to be mad at her for it I can't be. Because we barely speak.
  12. I'm so happy for her and want to celebrate with her. I wish I could show up at her house with a bunch of gifts and things to congratulate her and tell her how proud I am of her.
  13. If I think back to the last 3 months, we've probably talked a handful of times.
  14. And that makes me so sad
    I wonder if she feels this way too.