They call me the "gringa" of the family 😩
  1. I can't roll my r's
    This is incredibly frustrating when you speak Spanish. I have tried EVERYTHING to try to do this. I'm considering surgery at this point tbh
  2. I don't like spicy food
    A sin, in my family's eyes.
  3. I'm always pale because I don't like to tan
    "Why are you so white??" Is the question I am asked most often 🙄
  4. I don't like beer
    "HOW IS SHE EVEN A PART OF THIS FAMILY" -my cousin (said in Spanish, obviously)
  5. I would rather drive than walk
    My family is Peruvian, most of them live there and in Peru people like to walk to places. So when I visit and want to drive/take a taxi I get a lot of eye rolls, or even better " you got money for gas?"
  6. I don't like to dance to salsa music
    I can, and I'm good (just letting you guys know) but I've grown to hate it after being forced to dance at so many family parties.
  7. I can't make any Peruvian dishes
    I have failed myself!