Texts With My Parents

My dad is going through a midlife crisis and my mom is just your typical Hispanic mom. They're both nuts.
  1. Why he felt the need to send me a picture of himself that's also his profile picture, I'll never know.
  2. When my dad didn't know what chilling meant
  3. My dad is relatable
  4. This is after a long rant about politics
  5. My dad likes to escape to Mexico without telling anyone. I feel like at this point, he might have a secret family there.
  6. Yes, I'm dramatic. I sent my dad a picture of the stitches I got on my leg last week after my biopsy and he was very supportive.
  7. Thanks mom
  8. Remind me to never ever get pneumonia on vacation while staying at my grandmas house
  9. Supportive
  10. She knows me well
  11. My mom being nosy as hell before my date
  12. "I'm stealing wifi so bye"
  13. Bonus: I sent a picture to my stepmom of me pretending to push her down the stairs. Love her.
    "What a nice message" "what a lovely sentiment"