My parents divorced when I was 15, and my dad remarried when I was 18. Things haven't always been smooth sailing but I am glad to have my step mom in my life.
  1. She showed me what the mother and child bond looks like.
    Up until I was 18 I had been an only child, and my parents were never particularly affectionate with me. And to me, that was normal. But when my sister was born, I saw the love that a mother has for her child. The way she held that newborn baby in her arms, the way she looked at her for the first time. I will never forget that. And I'll be forever grateful to her for letting me be a part of that moment.
  2. She taught me how to stop putting my parents up on a pedestal, as if they could do no wrong. And reminded me, that they are people and make mistakes.
    And that that's okay.
  3. That step-mothers aren't evil, and even though I have a great relationship with my mom, sometimes I go to my step mom for advice first. Because she is not only my family, but my friend.
  4. She has taught me many things, and given me countless advice. But most importantly she has always been there for me, and always treated me as if I were her own daughter. And I'm glad to have her as my bonus mom
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  5. P.S. She also taught me how to take care of a baby. 🙃