Love these guys despite knowing how annoying they are or their art is
  1. Jackson Pollock: yeesh
  2. Pablo Picasso: life goals
  3. Keith Harring: best comeback
  4. Salvador Dali: fine art version of Cher
  5. Georgia O Keefe: sweet
  6. Barbara Krugar: I'll text you an image
  7. Yoko Ono: oh yoko
  8. Grandma Moses: to be fair
  9. Richard Diebenkorn , Wayne theibald: San Francisco is so much more than these guys say it is but I can't help eat up their buttery colors
  10. Tracy emin: fucking intense; fucking in tents
  11. Ansel adams: air conditioned art
  12. Caravaggio: back when vulgar, tasteless, cheap art actually meant something
  13. Da Vinci: that movie tho 😐
  14. Paul Gaugin: I'm embarrassed to admit his work is so gorgeous that if it weren't for the cultural insensitivity I would hang it in my home
  15. Marcel Duchamp: the godfather
  16. Janine Antoni: long hair don't care
  17. Robert mapplethorp: Giuliani
  18. Henry Mattise: cut outs
  19. Rothko: over saturated
  20. Jeff koonz - only "puppy" love
  21. Damian hurst: damn you, diamond human skull
  22. Robert Irwin : not just pretentious light installations
  23. Vermeer : camera obscura
  24. Leonard knights salvation mountain: preach
  25. Gustave Klimt: the only paintings made with gold that don't look cheap
  26. Modigliani: why the long face 😁
  27. Shepard Fairy: he should have never let it get out that he went to RISD but beyond that GIANT hall pass
  28. Mario Testino: are fashion photographers considered real artists? Either way
  29. Meret Oppenhiem: tea cup is life