Best movies / tv shows with lists

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    High fidelity (top ten breakups) : John Cusack describing Catherine Zeta Jones as "awful" is great
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    You've got mail (mr 152 insights into my soul😉)
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    The office (deserted island movies ) Dwight : "the crow"
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    Ten things I hate about Julia Stiles' acting ... Oops I mean ten things I hate about you
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    Cameron Diaz describing Michael in My Best friends wedding "he slips soup through his teeth" 😁🍜
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    The Holiday - jack black's top ten movie scores as Dustin Hoffman makes a cameo in the blockbuster isle while he and Kate Winslet drink Starbucks
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    The north shore - in this case the lists are the ten boards Rick masters
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    Bottle Rocket (Dignan's 75 year and beyond plan)
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    The office again; Pam's top five all time movies
    1. The Breakfast Club 2.Edward Scissor hands 3.Fargo 4. Princess Bride 5.unknown