1. Ombré hair
  2. Don't ever tag a friend on a bitchy photo comment: send them a private message instead
  3. The best way to get to know someone is to scroll back to their very first posted photo from 2013. It's usually a sweet collage or filtered photo of their dog
  4. The moment you think you are too cool for fuck Jerry or girl with no job and stop following them for a few weeks; one of their memes pops up on your news feed and you spend a half hour scrolling on their page to see all the genius posts you've missed
  5. Short posts in all caps ending in the word VIBES = life
  6. I know the term goals af but there are still so many unknowns.
  7. Can anyone tell me what Tbt means? Is it truth be told or throw back Thursday ? Does anyone know?
  8. A person who ends regular words with the letter z is probably too cool
  9. Being the first to like a picture is something I only feel comfortable practicing with my very best friend or sibling
  10. Jessica Simpson appears to be living a very happy family life in Calabasas.
  11. I love to see Jessica Alba still has great skin
  12. Bernie sanders
  13. Mentioning someone's post from the night before that you barely know after running into them at coffee is sort of frowned upon